BF4 GIF Tournament Round #1 – Open

What’s good DRMB! Welcome to the first ever BATTLEIFLED GIF TOURNAMENT EXTRAVAGANZA!
We combed the interwebz for some of the best Battlefield GIFs to-date and we want to leave it up to you to vote the best in 4 major categories;

  1. Wins
  2. Fails
  3. WTF
  4. Glitches

All four categories are up in our forums and the voting for round 1 closes tomorrow (3/18) at 9pm CST. This is a fun, free-for-all sorta gig, here to get some laughs and maybe pump up a few folks with some epic GIFs.

So hit the jump, sign up and vote and tell your friends! Lets make this a big deal!

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