Competitive Battlefield 4 – Is it possible?

Gaming has taken a huge leap over the last couple of years.  League of Legends has become somewhat of a standard to many gamers of what developers are required to do to ensure that competitive gaming is taken seriously for their title.  This ability comes with a cost to players though as RioT is bringing in cash daily from their game.  Whether it is gamers purchasing champions or RioT points they have a steady income.  This is something that Battlefield and other FPS type games are currently not doing and it could possibly stifle their ability to put large pots of money up for events.

competitive Battlefield

Saying that, Battlefield has an opportunity this go around with Battlefield 4 to truly make an impact in the competitive gaming scene.  The game dynamics, team focus and amazing abilities of the game put it into contention to be one of the best titles this year.  No, I am not a fan boy, but I will surely love the feel of war I get each time I pop in the disc.  Based on other successful competitive games we know, competitive Battlefield will only be possible with two major factors; Developer and Community support.  Without one or the other Battlefield may not hit the mark long term.  The community has been steadfast thus far and only time will tell about developer involvement as we move forward.

Battlefield 4 adds an even larger destructible environment and the addition of levolution which may have an even bigger impact on how viable competitive play will be.  We turn to each of you for a few moments to ask what you feel is truly needed to make Battlefield 4 a competitive force.  Do you hope or even believe that the title can make its first true impact inside competitive eSports?

Has the announcement of spectator mode or Battlelog additions sold you that we finally have the game we all have wanted to see?

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