No ‘DICE’ For The Old Squad-Up Feature To Return From Battlefield 3

If you played Battlefield 3 on a console, you’ll remember the pre-round lobby squad join feature, where you could invite your pals to a “squad lobby” before you joined a server and wrecked mayhem. It was a great feature that many used so that when joining a server, your mates wouldn’t be mixed up.

However, for Battlefield 4, consoles lack that feature, and a reply made by the official Battlefield facebook page was spotted by someone and has denounced any plans for the feature to return.

We have a new feature in Battlefield where a new squad is created when a friend joins your game. You can toggle this option on or off by going into the options menu. We’re not offering the old squad join feature because we didn’t feel that the feature in Battlefield 3 was on par with the quality that we wanted to offer our players. We have no plans to add it in the future.

While this does seem rather odd, it seems like the developers have “DICE’d” it for good. Do you prefer the squad up feature from Battlefield 3 over Battlefield 4’s? Tell us in the comments belows!

Thanks, Mp1st.

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