Double XP Premium Event Has A New Date

Recently, DICE announced a “Player Appreciation” event to apologize for the shaky launch of Battlefield 4. For the event, all players, both Premium members and non-premium members will revieve double XP November 28th through December 5th, and a 3x pistol scope for the classic M1911, which was previously reserved for DICE developers.

Because this new event overlaps the Premium double XP event, the developers at Digital Illusions C.E. have moved the date back to the weekend of December 7th, and they’ve expalined why they chose to do so.

This way, all players can take part in the Player Appreciation 2XP event, while Premium members [] still will get an exclusive 2XP weekend. We will get back to you with exact start and end times for these.

Premium Members, are you ready for a Double XP all you can score buffet? Let us know in the comment section below!

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