Everything You Need To Know About Second Assault

Recently, the Xbox One timed exclusive DLC “Second Asaault”, which brings back four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned in the Frostbite 3 engine, and given some “levolution” flare, was released to public. Thanks to YouTubers, they have posted a good amount of footage, and have a lot of new and confirmed information regarding the expansion, and we’ve taken all of those details and shoved them nicely into one article for you. So here’s everything you need to know about Second Assault.

The Maps and their Levolution events

Gulf Of Oman


Gulf Of Oman is the classic vinyl record of Battlefield maps, and it seems like every time it’s remade, it just keeps getting better and better.

The Levolution – Gulf Of Oman’s Levolution is a mighty sandstorm that rushes in from the sea to make playing the round even tougher. Not only does the sandstorm make visibility seem like you’re in a pitch black room, it also lowers the distance you can spot, and makes you and your enemies seem like ghosts.

Operation Firestorm

A mix between Caspian Border and Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm had great balanced gameplay and was the poster child of what Battlefield maps should be.

The Levolution – Operation Firestorm was never about its pipelines, until now. Using the pipelines as a gateway tunnel, soldiers can run through them without being shot in the face, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Using a control panel, players can activate the pipeline, and any soldier caught in the pipes is incinerated.

Operation Metro


The notorious Operation Metro is what we call Grind Time Galore, and oh, was it a monument to battlefielder’s sins. However, this time around DICE has added some new routes to navigate the map, so in theory, you won’t be thrown into a cluster f*** like you were in Battlefield 3.

The Levolution – While Operation Metro doesn’t have a specific Levolution, it makes great use of the tiny features that DICE wants you to appreciate more. This includes making the ceiling collapse, using the now workable elevators, and flooding the subway to make way for the Jet Skis.

Caspian Border


Ever since it was first shown, Caspian Border became an instant hit with the Battlefield community, and really lived up to veterans and newcomers alike. Not only has DICE practically redesigned it, but they’ve gone above and beyond the call to make it awesome.

The Levolution – Caspian Border was the inception of Levolution. In the original version, at 10 tickets, the large radio tower would collapse and make a spectacular rumble across the map. Now in Battlefield 4, they’ve replaced the tower with a new one, which resides on what is known as C flag with a bunker underneath to allow you to activate the levolution, and like all classics, the falling tower makes a return.

Weapons remastered for Battlefield 4

Staying true to the theme of the Expansion, DICE has brought back 5 fan favorite weapons from Battlefield 3. Here are all of the weapons returning, and their descriptions.


A Belgian manufactured bullpup Assault Rifle configured in the Tactical setup with top and forward rails for mounting a variety of accessories. The rifle is in use with a variety of Special Forces units including Pakistani, Peruvian, Chilean, Indian and Polish. It has also been adapted as the standard rifle of Saudi Arabia and Slovenia. The bullpup configuration prevents it from mounting underslung weapons, but a high fire rate makes it lethal in CQB.


The AS VAL is an integrally suppressed Soviet designed Assault Rifle developed for use in the Spetsnaz. Chambered for a special high performance armor-piercing 9x39mm round, the AS VAL includes mounts for using optical, red dot or even night vision scopes. The VAL is designed to be fired only with the suppressor attached, and therefore prevents the rifle from mounting underslung attachments.


“The Pig,” as it was commonly referred to when it was introduced in Vietnam, has served with every branch of the US Military and continues to serve with Special Forces groups. Although the M60 has been mostly replaced by the M240, the upgraded M60E4 features modern accessory rails, a shortened barrel, and improved reliability, and reduced weight. The M60E4 features a bipod standard for supported shooting.


German bolt-action sniper rifle. This highly accurate and reliable rifle is available in a wide range of configurations and is currently used by several German police units as well as sporting groups across the world. While it’s a Battlefield Bad Company 2 weapon, it’s still fits the comeback theme of Second Assault.


A Battlefield 2 classic, originally developed in South Africa, the DAO-12 is essentially the combination of a revolver and a Shotgun. The fixed drum magazine is made of individual chambers, each holding a single round, which are fired only when placed in line with the barrel. A spring winding mechanism makes reloading an empty weapon a time-consuming process and the short barrel results in a wide pellet spread.

Classic vehicles for classic times

As we head back to Battlefield 3, we see the return of two classic vehicles, the DPV and Skid Loader. The DPV is now equipped with a grenade launcher which packs a punch and finally makes it a viable transport vehicle. The Skid Loader comes back in full swing, going at new top speed and for added affect, you can now use the lift (flipping tanks anyone?). Here’s a more in-depth video from our bro Level Cap.

There’s Conquest, than there’s Capture The Flag

Coming back from Battlefield 2, Capture The Flag was a game mode reintroduced in Battlefield 3’s End Game expansion pack and veterans and newcomers alike fell in love with it. Now those same people can lighten up once again as it returns for a third time and makes a huge a comeback. Below is actual gameplay from Jack Frags, enjoy!

Second Assault Releases for Premium Members on the Xbox One Nov. 22nd. There is no release date for any other platforms.

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