Naval Strike DLC release announced

DICE have announced that Battlefield 4’s third DLC ‘Naval Strike’ will be launching for Premium members at the end of March; a month after Second Assault.

This expansion is set to include 4 brand new maps, 5 new weapons, 2 new gadgets and 10 new assignments.

Battlefield 4™ Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to four all-new maps set in the South China Sea. Blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across the tropical Lost Islands. Drop a submarine on your foes as you infiltrate a naval base or rush between shipping docks and rocky islands on the massive Wave Breaker map. Wage war across stormy seas in the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet with Nansha Strike. Storm an abandoned cliff-side resort, or get lost in the breathtaking vistas in Operation Mortar.

Naval Strike also introduces five new weapons, the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, ten assignments and the all-new Carrier Assault mode, which is an homage to the fan-favorite, Titan mode from Battlefield 2142.

Key Features

4 all-new multiplayer maps set in the South China Sea
  • Lost Islands
  • Nansha Strike
  • Wave Breaker
  • Operation Mortar
5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4
Introducing the amphibious hovercraft vehicle
2 additional gadgets –
  • 3GL (3 Grenade Launcher) attachment for the Assault class. Possibly based on the Metal Storm 3GL
  • Anti-Heli Mine –  an aircraft disabling projectile for the Engineer class. Possibly based on the Helkir.
New Game Mode –

Carrier Assault, a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode

10 new assignments with unlocks for each

For those of you unfamiliar with Titan Mode, here’s DICEs own tutorial video from 2006 –


We’ll have to wait and see how the game mode has been changed to incorporate aircraft carriers instead of flying spaceship thingies, but if the original game mode is anything to go by, it’s going to be a massive hit.

People have been asking for Titan Mode to return since Battlefield 3’s announcement so kudos to DICE for doing this. They’re making a lot of 2142 players giddy with excitement right now, myself included.

We’ll update the post as more information becomes available.

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(Source: Battlelog)

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