Today’s Battlelog update saw the addition of a top-secret, two part Assignment for Battlefield 4 titled “Phantom Prospect”.

phantom prospect - 1

The Assignment requires you to own Premium for Battlefield 4 as well as an undefined requirement…

Unlocking Stage Two –

The second stage of the assignment requires a password to unlock, but where do you enter it?  Here’s the Top Secret part.

Jump onto the Global Leaderboards and check for a small, semi-transparent skull emblem at the bottom left –

2013-12-10 22_03_30-Leaderboards - Battlelog _ Battlefield 4

Clicking this button will load the top secret, Phantom Program API –

2013-12-10 22_02_31-Leaderboards - Battlelog _ Battlefield 4

When prompted, enter the password – bumpinthenight – this will unlock access to the Phantom Program and the second stage of the Phantom Prospect assignment.

2013-12-10 23_18_56-Assignments - BeardyFPS -Battlelog _ Battlefield 4

To unlock the requirements are –

  • Score 200 kills with Assault rifles
  • Score 200 kills with Main Battle tanks
  • Get a 300 meter headshot

Your reward – a set of Phantom Program dog tags.

I for one love assignments and I’m glad to see DICE implementing them between DLCs. Hopefully we’ll see more popping up in the future.

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p.s. There’s a lot of speculation about a Megalodon, a giant extinct shark, being present somewhere on Paracel Storm. Rest assured, DRMB have a team on site looking for the ferocious beast.

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