Server Update R12 rolling out

Server update R12 is busy rolling out right now. It features a number of fixes (although not much details given on the crash fixes).
One of the biggest fixes for me (and I know Lono will be happy to hear it!) is that playing Commander mode will no longer cause your skill to drop. I love the Commander mode, but hated that it negatively impacted my stats.


Full update notes below:


We are rolling out a new server update today (nov 25). As this new server version is being deployed, you will experience some downtime before servers are updated. Console servers should be updated at 2AM PST/11AM UTC today. As usual, the majority of PC servers will be updated within 24 hours.

R12 Server Update Notes
-Fixed several of the most commonly occuring server crashes (This should benefit all platforms)
-Fixed an issue where the cruise missile in Commander Mode was not launching when playing on Paracel Storm
-Fixed so that a player’s skill is no longer negatively affected when playing as Commander
-Fixed an aircraft IR flares exploit where players could use the flares multiple times before reloading by exiting/re-entering the aircraft
-Fixed an issue with Ranked servers on Xbox One running with a 1% ticket count
-Defined a range of 25%-400% for vehicle respawn delays on Ranked servers


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